Why do we need experts?

Garden Machinery Experts

What is an expert? Isn’t an expert someone who is trained in a specific field or discipline and concentrates their efforts in becoming a true aficionado in that expertise. Years of training and constant learning can go into becoming a true expert, sometimes the cost of which is priceless.

Today, probably because of the way the speed of life, media advertising and financial pressures have evolved the aspirations of us consumers have risen to a level at which expectations of service and buying price do not match.

Buying online, depending on which type of product, can be a pleasant experience, then again it can be a nightmare. Who buys CD’s any more, books are an easy target for online sales plus many other non-serviceable goods.

When it comes to machinery, then that is another story. Yes, you can buy garden machinery online but what of the back up service, what of the pre-sale advice and the after sales service. A machine is a machine and it can go wrong, no matter the make or quality………….it was built by humans!!

Getting the correct advice and then being confident you will be looked after, post purchase, is surely essential if you are spending good money. After all, don’t suppose there are many new cars sold on line for fear of something going wrong, where would you take it, who would look after you and your car?

Garden machinery is no different, most car repairs and service are now done diagnostically; not garden tractors, lawnmowers or any other types of petrol, electric or battery driven garden machinery. No! the traditional engineer or mechanic still exist in this industry, they are just as skilled if not more so than today’s car mechanic and the cost of training an apprentice is not cheap. You may have bought your machine at a price out of keeping with its true value and that is what makes the service look out of kilter, but it’s the time it takes to carry out repairs that is the true cost and even then, the hourly rate an expert charges is ridiculously low.

So, the next time we pay up for our car to be serviced perhaps we should consider the very low cost of having our garden machines serviced; they may not take us to work or on a run out but they sure are a blessing when it comes to making the chores in the garden much easier and pleasurable.

Workshops and Spare parts departments in many Garden machinery dealerships cost as much as a car dealership in overheads and the showroom stocked with machinery is an expensive part of the business, as I am told the stock must be paid for on arrival. These are all part of the services provided by these experts in the garden machinery business.

In the UK we spend fortunes annually on plants and all sorts of items to make our gardens lovely, after all it is an extension to our home.

Just like a washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner and many other household gadgets; a lawnmower, hedge trimmer, strimmer etc., are (due to the time constraints we work under) all a vital part of making our homes beautiful, comfortable and pleasurable.

Having had many years of experience purchasing garden machinery I can report that lawnmowers and many other of the available machinery cost less today, in real terms, than they did twenty-five years ago.

Not a good idea to go down the route of saving a couple of pounds on line when your local ‘EXPERT’ is around to guide you through the twenty years life you can expect from a decent lawnmower.

Mr Greengrass

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