Sir David Attenborough wants you to help with the Big Butterfly Count

Sir David Attenborough is back, and he’s declared that we should help out with supporting the existence of the butterfly in the UK, so who are we to question him?

The Monarch Butterfly in a garden near Hayes Gm Used Ride-on Mowers For Sale.

The master of wildlife TV documentaries wants the public to help reverse the decline of the beautiful and fascinating butterfly by offering a haven in the form of nectar sources in their gardens.

Sir David made his plea at the start of the Big Butterfly Count, the huge citizen science project which registers and maps the annual fortunes of the nation’s most vibrant, colourful insects.

There were about 45,000 people who pledged their names to last year’s count, and in doing so spotting almost 560,000 butterflies, as well as helping wildlife charity Butterfly Conservation monitor how our common species are coping.

Sir David, who’s proud to be Butterfly Conservation president, is initiating the 2015 count with a special message for gardeners, no matter how big their plot from window boxes upwards.

He says: “The UK’s butterflies really need your help this summer. Three-quarters are in decline and one-third in danger of extinction.

“The ongoing and alarming loss of their habitat is a major and worrying factor in their falling numbers. “But by taking one simple step you can help to reverse this loss. Plant a few pots in your garden or on your window ledge with the right plants and you can provide butterflies, moths and other pollinating insects with a lifeline of food and shelter.

“It’s up to every single one of us to make sure that the spectacle of mid-summer butterflies remains a much anticipated highlight of the season rather than becoming a long-mourned memory. Make yours a butterfly summer by getting out for the Count.”

If you’re keen to help count these handsome little fellas while you’re sat on one of our used ride-on mowers, why not get involved?

Image: Tiago J. G. Fernandes under Creative Commons.

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