Robots for sale in North Devon

Husqvarna Automower dealer in North Devon

They’re getting everywhere, automated machines that is! None more so than Robotic lawnmowers. The best without a doubt come from Sweden; Husqvarna to be precise where the development of these amazing machines has been going on for over 20 years. The production has been entrusted to Husqvarna’s state of the art factory in the UK.

All the research and hard work is now coming to fruition as time and especially leisure time becomes more and more precious in the busy lives we as humans lead.

Many British gardeners are now leaving the lawn mowing to a robotic mower and their weekends are theirs to do with as they wish. The lawns always look immaculate and the contented owners find it a pleasure to just sit down in the garden, soak up the sun and perhaps enjoy a couple of refreshing drinks as they watch the little mite manoeuvre into all the nooks and crannies. Busying itself all over the lawn doing the hard work for them. Even being a spectator can be therapeutic!!

If these interest you at all contact us on 01769 579862 or have a read of our robotic mowers page for more information on what they can offer you.

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