Stihl RM 443 T Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower 17″ POLY DECK

Stihl RM 443 T Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower 17″ POLY DECK

With a cutting width of 41 cm, the STIHL RM 443 T petrol lawn mower is ideal for medium-sized lawns, up to 1200m2. Its effort-saving 1-speed drive is great for steeper lawns. Well thought-out details such as the super soft grip and easy running wheels make this mower comfortable to use, especially for longer periods.

The grass level indicator on the catcher box shows you when it needs to be emptied, so you don’t overfill and block the chute. For ease of use, the polymer grass catcher box is simple to open and empty thanks to a fold-open mechanism.

The central cutting height adjustment can be adjusted to the desired lawn height in six settings. You can also mulch your lawn using the RM 443 T, this petrol lawn mower can be converted to a Multi-mower with the appropriate mulching kit available as an accessory.

The Stihl RM 443 T comes with a 5 year extended domestic warranty (subject to registration and annual servicing).

This compact lawn mower with its clever features and a 41 cm cutting width is extremely manoeuvrable. The Stihl RM 443 T starts reliably, mows powerfully and is comfortable to guide. With its robust design, innovative engine technology and numerous premium ergonomic features, mowing is a real pleasure. The self-propulsion drive supports mowing, even on slopes. The grass catcher box with integral level indicator has a large volume of 55 litres.


  • Foldable handlebar – Thanks to the foldable handlebar, Stihl lawn mowers are easy to transport and convenient to store.
  • Polymer housing – The housing of Stihl lawn mowers is made of high impact, heat and UV resistant polymer.
  • Self-propelled – Just set the lever and the mower sets itself in motion. Ideal for large areas of grass.
  • Super soft grips – These ensure particularly ergonomic and pleasant handle characteristics as the motorstop lever fits snugly around the back of the handle.
  • Carrying handles – Two integrated handles on the product housing. These allow for easy handling, loading and tipping of the machine. They can also be used as lashing eyes.
  • Central cutting height adjustment – The cutting height can be adjusted to one of 6 levels via a lever. The desired cutting height can be precisely adjusted with the aid of a sprung-loaded mechanism via the handle.
  • QuickFix quick-clamping devices – Ensures fast and easy fastening and release of the handlebar retainers.
  • Easy-running wheels – Large wheels with high quality ball bearings for easy running. The tread pattern provides better traction and allows for easy cleaning.
  • Innovative grass catcher box – The catcher box can be 100% filled, thanks to the optimised design shape and air guide. The air vents face downwards so that grass and dust do not escape upwards. The two-part catcher box design ensures easy opening and emptying.
  • Integral level indicator – The integral level indicator shows when the catcher box is full and ready for emptying.
  • High-lift blades – The high-lift blades combined with the aerodynamic housing produce a strong air current that lifts the grass before cutting and blows the cut grass into the grass catcher box.
  • Optional mulching function – Stihl mulching kits include a mulch insert and multi-blade. With the rear opening closed using a mulch insert, the grass is chopped up into fine particles, returning nutrients and moisture to the lawn.
  • Multi-blade – The multi-blade cuts the grass gradually and then chops it into fine pieces in the housing. When used with a grass collector box, the finely cut grass is directed by the multi-blade straight into the box to ensure it is filled to capacity. When used with the mulch insert, the grass is chopped up into fine particles which are returned to the grass.



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