Nugent Livestock Trailer

Nugent Livestock Trailer

Hailing from an agricultural background, the Nugent family has designed the Livestock range with the vigour of Ireland’s beef cattle and rugged terrain at the forefront of the design brief. Nugent Livestock Trailers are engineered and hand built to last and with full type approval (ECWVTA). Any farmer will appreciate the attention to detail.

Nugent’s patented Dual Drive™ suspension is standard across the range. Therefore enhancing the towing experience and bringing trailer suspension to new levels.  A cross member frame braces the front and rear weldment upon a fully welded, galvanised chassis, furthermore ensuring maximum strength, while extra reinforcement is given where it is needed by the folded side panels.

The trailer’s steel sub-frame is fully hot dip galvanised and fitted with a heavy duty steel fabricated dividing gate. Innovative features are combined with years of trailer design expertise to produce the perfect trailer for the transportation of livestock.

Durable tyres, parabolic leaf spring suspension, solid beam axles and commercial lights, offer superior build quality, strength, longevity and excellent towing characteristics.

The unique design of the sectional fold down front panels facilitates airflow through the trailer whilst in motion, consequently reducing the drag of the trailer and providing for a better towing trailer. The added benefit is that less air resistance significantly decreases fuel consumption.

The Nugent livestock is designed to be user friendly, with paramount safety for both animal and farmer. With a variety of sizes, ranging from 8 foot to 14 foot long, Nugent has a Livestock trailer for every requirement.

Standard features:

  • Dual Drive Suspension
  • Sectional fold down front panels
  • Robust taildoor fastener. Winders are simple but effective and help to strengthen the trailer when the ramp is closed
  • 30mm timber floor with a one piece, fully sealed 3mm aluminium tread plate floor covering
  • Internal dividing gate with multiple hanging locations
  • Multiple dividing gate hangers for tailored sectioning of each load
  • LED lights
  • Reinforced loading ramp
  • Inspection door
  • Mono bolts pin and collared joint fabrication
  • Lockable coupling
  • Durable tyres
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel
  • Market leading Knott brakes and axles
  • Spare wheel with support

Optional Extras:

  • Collection tank – fully welded and sealed – hygienic disposal
  • Flaps (hinge and clip system)
  • Fold-up sheep decks
  • Additional pair of loading gates
  • Closed in bottom vents
  • Additional dividing gate
  • Horse partitions (7 foot high trailers)
  • Internal light
  • Aluminium mudguards for twin axle models
  • Dual doors. Can also be used as a ramp

Sizes available:

Twin Axle – 8′ x 5′, Gross weight 2000kg

Twin Axle – 10′ x 5′, Gross weight 2700kg

Twin Axle – 10′ x 6′, Gross weight 3500kg

Twin Axle – 12′ x 6′, Gross weight 3500kg

Tri Axle – 12′ x 6′, Gross weight 3500kg

Twin Axle – 14′ x 6′, Gross weight 3500kg

Tri Axle – 14′ x 6′, Gross weight 3500kg

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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