The Husqvarna Automower 305 is ideal for smaller gardens up to 600 m2 and is easy and intuitive to operate using by the keypad. Because it has a low dead weight, the robot grass cutter is extremely manoeuvrable. With its free movement pattern, it ensures an accurately cut lawn. The grass is cut by 3 sharp blades from all directions. The lawn cut serves as a natural fertilizer for the lawn. The built-in weather timer and frost sensor allow the robot mower to take the prevailing weather into account. A special highlight is the possibility to clean the robot lawn mower with a water hose. This allows it to be cleaned thoroughly and quickly with little effort.

Once the robot lawn mower has been installed, it does its mowing work reliably and without your intervention. The Husqvarna Automower 305 is suitable for lawns of up to 600 m2 which making this model suitable for residential areas as well as private gardens.


The robot mower has 4 wheels, two of which are drive wheels. This design ensures good off-road capability and an even cutting pattern even on uneven and steeper surfaces.

The small garden aid can be programmed individually. Thanks to its compact design and low weight ( ≈ 6.7 kg), it is easy to operate, maintain and clean.


Easy cleaning

For quick and easy cleaning, the cover of the Husqvarna Automower 305 can be removed using the cleaning key. The surfaces of the robot mower can then be cleaned with a water hose. This makes it quick and easy to remove stuck grass.


Reliable and eco-friendly

Equipped with a rugged lithium-ion battery, the Husqvarna 305 can handle slopes in the work area of up to ± 40 %. The Husqvarna Robot lawnmower performs its mowing job extremely quietly. It has a measured working noise level of approximately 59dB (A).


Systematic mowing in narrow areas

The Husqvarna robot grass cutter is quiet, fully automatic and reliable. It skilfully navigates his way through and is guided automatically, thanks to its automatic passage recognition.


It also reliably mows bottlenecks and corridors. The Husqvarna 305 changes over to a new mower in narrow places automatically from random mowing pattern to systematic mowing. Once the narrow passage has been mowed, it switches back again.


Mulching function and innovative mowing technology

During its work, the Husqvarna Automower 305 cuts the blades of grass with three razor-sharp blades sitting on a robust cutting disc. The cuttings fall to the ground and rot. As a result, the lawn is fertilized and moisturized in a natural way.


Spiral mowing

With its automatic cutting function, a difference in height in the grass is automatically detected. If higher grass is detected, the cutting technology switches to a systematic cutting pattern with “spiral movement”. This guarantees an even and smooth cutting pattern.


Automower Connect@HOME

The Husqvarna 305 is equipped with the Connect@HOME module factory-provided. This allows you to control the robot mower via Bluetooth connection from your smartphone. To do this, it is necessary that you are in close proximity – i.e. within 30 m of the robot. Note from the manufacturer: Automower Connect@Home has similar but not the full functionality as Automower Connect.


The Automower Connect module is available as an optional accessory and can be retrofitted to the Husqvarna Automower 305. This means that the robot grass cutter can then be operated from anywhere via the app.


Programming and safety

The robot lawn mower is equipped with a theft alarm and PIN code system. In addition, lift, tilt and collision sensors ensure safe use in your garden.


Easy operation and installation

Its high-resolution display ensures user-friendly and simple operation. This allows intuitive adjustment and programming.


Automower 305 operates emission-free

When the eco-mode is used, the Husqvarna Automower 305 operates with significantly lower energy consumption and reduces possible interference with hearing aids and the like. The robotic lawn mower is electrically powered, it produces no harmful exhaust gases and is therefore considered emission-free.


Independent work and loading

Mowing cycles can be adjusted to ensure a consistent and healthy quality of the lawn. With the integrated weather timer, the robot lawn mower adapts its mowing frequency individually to the growth of the lawn. This ensures an even appearance in any weather and in any season. A working cycle on the Husqvarna 305 lasts about 60 minutes -then it returns to its charging station, charges up and then continues working again.


If the cutting system runs “out of round”, the robot mower automatically detects this and issues a message. This safety setting, the so-called “unbalance control” prevents damage to the blades and the disc.


If it gets very fresh at night and the lawn is frozen, the Automower 305’s frost sensor detects this – so in icy weather the mowing robot stays in its charging station so that the lawn is not damaged.


Installing the lawn robot and installation accessories

The Husqvarna Automower 305 is delivered from the factory without installation and installation accessories. We therefore recommend that you order the corresponding installation kit at the same time.


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