Eliet Pro 5 B Chipper and Green Waste Shredder

Eliet Pro 5 B Chipper and Green Waste Shredder


EX Demo Eliet Pro 5 Shredder

Only done 12.6 hours.

With over 30 years of experience, Eliet are the front runners in the green waste shredder market. All Eliet shredders are unique due to their patented Chopping principle™, consisting of a system of blades that cuts green waste in the direction of the grain. This way the weakness of the wood is utilized to assist in the shredding process. As a result the machines achieve a large capacity with relatively little engine power.

The Prof 5B offers an efficient green waste shredder for material up to 8cm diameter with a blow chute for the removal of the green waste. What’s interesting about this blow chute is that Eliet have integrated a genuine blower turbine into the design so that the machine has a powerful discharge system. In contrast to many other shredders on the market that have chip-discharge blowers, the Prof 5B can also handle damp natural trimmings very well and with hardly any danger of blockage of the turbine. The Pro 5B shredder is easy to navigate around rugged terrain or slopes.

Please see full specification in photos

£4500 (no vat)

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