DR 7.25 All Terrain ATV Quad bike Tow Behind Trimmer / Mower

DR 7.25 All Terrain ATV Quad bike Tow Behind Trimmer / Mower

£1,899.00 £1,799.00

Faced with rugged, off-lawn areas, trimming and mowing weeds and tall grass can be a hassle. The DR tow-behind trimmer mower allows you to clean up along fence lines, walls, roadside ditches and other hard-to-reach areas accessible to your ATV, UTV, large ride-on mower or lawn tractor. And you get the job done while you ride, maintaining tough-to-reach parts of your property effortlessly.

At a hefty 87kg, the DR 7.25 all terrain towed trimmer mower rolls easily over hills, rocks, slopes and bumps, absorbing the punishment of even the most rugged terrain without missing a beat. The spring-loaded trimming head deflects easily around obstacles, leaving you with a close and even cut right up to fence posts, post boxes, trees, walls and any other obstacle. And with over five times the power of a hand-held “weed wacker”, the DR can take down thick weeds and tall grass no problem.

Depending on your towing vehicle, the DR all-terrain trimmer mower can reach up to four feet outside your vehicle’s wheelbase, so you ride in comfort as you cut down high weeds. The versatile pin hitch allows you to tow the mower behind any ATV, UTV, lawn or utility tractor. The height of the hitch is easily adjustable to accommodate most vehicles.



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