AL-KO Highline 46.8 SP-A Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

AL-KO Highline 46.8 SP-A Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

£399.00 £368.00

This is a 4INONE self propelled 46cm lawnmower suited to medium lawns. An efficient AL-KO PRO 140 Quick Start four-stroke 140cc petrol engine provides sufficient power to the lawnmower’s cutting blade and rear wheel drive function which means that the mower will drive itself effortlessly, particularly useful when mowing on slopes.

Together with the mowing and collection functions, the mulch plug supplied with the lawnmower can simply be placed into the discharge channel to engage the mulching function whilst the side discharge is ideal for when the mower is being used in areas of longer grass.

Built on a deep draw MAX AIRFLOW pressed steel deck with wide discharge channel, the Highline 46.7 SP-A benefits from the increased airflow underneath the mowing deck resulting in an excellent vacuum propelling the grass cuttings in a high arc into the back of the large 70 litre capacity grass collector. This ensures that the collector is effectively filled starting at the back without the rear discharge chute becoming blocked. Once the grass collector is full, the user will be alerted by the integrated full indicator on the top of the grass collection box.

Conveniently situated on the side of the lawnmower is a single lever used for adjusting the cutting height of the mower to the desired height between 30mm-80mm.



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