Prince Charles is already getting his grandchildren into gardening at his Highgrove home

At just two years old Prince George is being encouraged to get into the world of gardening by grandfather Prince Charles.

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Visit Highgrove, the home of Prince Charles, in Gloucestershire this summer, and you will hear stories of how the royal toddler has been making the most of the enormous gardens, enjoying time in them with his grandad, who, it would seem is turning it into a playground for his grandchildren.

Guides recently explained that Prince George and Prince Charles enjoyed a tea party in the grounds not long ago; they did keep the royal porcelain out of the way and opted for plastic cups though!

It goes without saying that being a member of the royal family will see Prince George tree planting as an integral role of his royal duties, and what better time to start learning than now? He has already been getting some practice in by planting a poplar tree in his grandfather’s garden.

Prince Charles obviously loves the gardening aspect of life too and has recently taken time to refurbish an ornate treehouse that is all set to be used by Prince George and Princess Charlotte in the future. This is the exact same treehouse that was once a big favourite with their father, Prince William, and uncle, Prince Harry.

As many as 40,000 people visit Highgrove annually, taking in the sights, sounds, and scents of the extensive grounds as they explore. The orchards, the Moroccan-themed carpet garden and the kitchen garden are all big hits with the public.

Proceeds from tours at Highgrove raise in the region of £650,000 per year for the Prince’s charities.

Since buying the house in 1980 Prince Charles has worked with his head gardeners, along with other experts, to make the estate as organic and self-sufficient as possible, and a perfect habitat for wildlife.

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Image: Dan Marsh under Creative Commons.

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