Part 1: A guide to which ride-on mower is the one for you

We often get asked for advice on which ride-on mower is the best for an individual’s garden, so we thought that we would put together a 3 part guide for you to gain some essential tips and advice to help you make the correct decision on what’s best for your needs.

In part one we will be looking at the compact lawn rider:
Have you ever disregarded ride-on mowers because you thought that your garden was too small to use a ride-on mower? Time to reevaluate the situation. It’s possible to own a mower that can be driven through a regular garden gate, and the beauty of lawn riders is that they are ideal for gardens that are around half an acre in size.

Powered via an electric key start engine, and running on unleaded petrol, many models offer the user a Varispeed gearbox, while others run a manual gear box. Should you choose a Varispeed there’s no need to shift gear, simply push the control lever forward to speed up, or pull it back to slow down your ground speed.


Certain models of lawn riders come with an offset cutter deck that allows for you to cut right up to edges of your lawn, whereas usually, a lever found on the console engages or disengages the cutting blade.

You can expect to have your grass cut and discharged cleanly and efficiently into the rear mounted capacity collector for perfect storage as you ride. What’s more, when the collector reaches full capacity it can be emptied without even having to hop off the mower. Alternatively, you can, should you want to, remove the collector and tip the clippings on a compost heap, in a recycle bin, or into a trailer.

Some models have an additional mulching kit option on the mower which can be fitted as long as conditions are suitable. This particular kit allows for you to recycle grass clippings as opposed to collecting them.

When it comes to user-safety, compact lawn riders have many fundamental features. For example, prior to starting the engine the mower would be required to be in neutral. Additionally, the cutting blade won’t operate without the grass collector being in position, while a safety cut-out switch located under the seat means all the machines controls have to be in neutral and the parking brake applied if you want to get off the mower but keep the engine ticking over.
So if this sounds like the sort of machine that would suit you then bare the following points in mind: these stylish, versatile compact lawn riders are highly maneuverable, and regardless of if you have a variety of small areas with trees, borders, and garden furniture to work around, or your lawn comprises of about half an acre, you’ll realise that mowing your grass is far easier, more convenient and quicker than with a regular walking mower.


Here at Hayes we have a wonderful collection of ever-changing 2nd hand ride on mowers available for you to choose from. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you need any help or have any questions.


Image: under Creative Commons.

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