Overgrown wilderness: it’s that time of year to work on other parts of the garden

Nothing to beat hearing that ‘SWISH’ sound of annihilation of overgrowth in the garden.

It’s that time of the year again, suddenly, without notice, the only thing growing in the garden are the deep rooted weeds. The over grown areas of the garden have taken over making your property look more like a jungle than a well kept garden area. On the plus side, now that our lawns have stopped growing, we have some time to tackle these areas. 

Amazingly it is well over 40 years since the first nylon cord trimmer head hit our shores and what a revolution that was. No more scything, no need for cumbersome jungle busting mowers! Here, in the shape of an engine, long drive shaft and a nylon cord cutter head, we had the perfect solution to mowing down the unsightly weeds plus overgrown grass in areas where you would never take a traditional mower. The nylon cord proved effective when cutting up close and in difficult to reach areas plus safe against damage to obstacles such as fences, walls and around trees or bushes. Most of all it could be used where even the most hazardous obstacles could not be seen until encountered and the long reach of the drive shaft made it ideal for tackling steep banks that are difficult to negotiate.

During the past 40 years many derivatives of the nylon cord machine have been introduced to the market; 4 stroke petrol, 2 stroke petrol, mains electric and battery driven; but they all adopt that same fantastic invention and stroke of genius…………..nylon cord, which comes in various sizes and strengths depending on the power of the engine or motor driving it. 

Many millions of these machines have been purchased by homeowners, local authorities and professional users throughout the UK and Globally since their inception, there has been an array of excellent garden machinery inventions since the lawnmower began its career over 100 years ago, but none have surpassed the ingenious nylon cord. 

 The nylon cord concept has stood the test of time and nothing has or probably will ever take over from this most simple but brilliantly effective automated way of controlling overgrowth and tidying up household gardens, roadsides, caravan sites, holiday parks, estates, municipal areas and many more almost everywhere in the World.

If you are looking for expert assistance to decide which brand, size or fuel type to go for then please contact Hayes Garden Machinery & ATVs.

Mr Greengrass.