Nine grass cutting tips for lawns you can be proud of

Summer is here and it’s time to get those lawns and gardens looking tip top for when you want to lie out in the sun, host a BBQ, or simply have something to take care of and be proud of. So with this in mind, we thought we would take away the thought that digging out the lawn mower is a chore. It certainly won’t be when you follow our 9 simple steps for having a lawn you can be proud of:

  1. Ensure that you never cut away more than one third of the length of the grass on any single mowing session.


  1. When you are mowing you should look to overlap each run up the lawn with the lawn mower slightly. Help yourself by putting a mark on each side of the mower as your ‘overlap marker’.


  1. If you’re after a straight stripes look on a considerably sized lawn or a lawn that doesn’t have a straight edge you should begin by cutting a straight line down the middle of the lawn with your mower. Now simply mow on either side of it.


  1. If you own a lawnmower with a roller then you should change the direction in which you mow at least every month.


  1. If you have a model of mower that has four wheels it is vital that you overlap each run in order to prevent the wheels repeatedly going in the same place every time. If you don’t use this advice, you will find that repeated grass cutting in the same track will result in unsightly tramlines and ruts.


  1. If you happen to be out mowing the grass on a damp day or have a particularly long length of grass then you should slow down your speed or mowing. Note that this doesn’t mean a slowing of the blade speed.


  1. Aim to mow over slopes and shaded areas one setting higher than the rest of the lawn.


  1. If you notice that your lawn has what appears to be a silver sheen or a frayed air about it once you have finished mowing, it might mean that the blade(s) require sharpening.


  1. If you have a cylinder mower and you’re finding that the blade stutters or produces a ribbed or ripple-esque effect on your lawn then consider if:
    • The mower is blunt or under powered.
    • The grass is too wet or too long – take the time to slow down your mowing speed as mentioned previously.


If you found these tips helpful and they have got you keen to buy used ride on mowers or just look at the different options available to you, why not head to a Devon garden machinery dealer you can trust with Hayes Garden Machinery?


Image: Nick Smith under Creative Commons Licence.

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