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Robotic mowers in North Devon

How lucky are we in the South West to have beautiful green landscapes, the choice of two amazing moors and a coastline full of rugged cliffs and some of the best beaches in the world.

Surely, nature has served us up one of the most therapeutic pastimes in land management and general gardening. Us humans sometimes don’t see the wood from the trees and the beauty that surrounds us every day, but aren’t we fortunate to be given the gift of the sense of life all around us, to see the trees blossom, plants bloom, edible food sprout up and be afforded the opportunity to nourish our own very special patch including a lawn adorning our own little corner of the land.

No matter the size of your garden it needs tending and in these days of precious time and stressful occupations it is good that the human creative has developed many types of time saving tools and machines that can actually be theraputic to use or even watch whilst they take the strain out of the mundane chores required to fulfil your expectations of your garden. After all, the garden is an extension of your home, you want to enjoy it!

Every week I am going to write about a specific item or topic which hopefully will help you to enjoy your garden and make it easier to maintain.

This time I would like to introduce you to the very latest and fastest sales growth products in lawn management; the robotic mower, a master class in automated machinery. In fact, they have been around for a long time but it is only in recent times due to the amazing developments in technology these little wonders find themselves wandering around ever increasing numbers of lawns throughout the UK and it has to be said they are doing a great job of keeping Britains lawns neat, tidy and beautifully healthy. It’s a word of mouth product, when one person installs one the neighbour seems to be following suit.

These are not toys for the boys, they are a serious piece of kit, and they are on their way to taking away a large chunk of sales from the traditional lawnmower.

If you want to see one in operation nip along to Hayes in South Molton, North Devon where there is an Husqvarna constantly beavering away keeping a major lawn in check and looking really spruce.

Mr Greengrass.

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