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Garden Machinery recommendations

We’re all human, we all like to believe ‘WE’ have made the right decisions! Why do many of us rely on third party recommendation (word of mouth) before we make a purchase?

Is it a trust thing, a mistrust of the “salesman”; or is it a fear of making the wrong decision or even, deciding for ourselves?

How often do we enter retail premises mob handed to try on some clothes only to find ourselves totally relying on our wives, husbands or best friends to tell us and assure us we look great and we should make the purchase; only then do we feel confident “we” are making the right purchasing decision.

The same applies to products we use around the house, some of us rely on what we read on the web, or we might trust “Which” magazine as an honest assessor of products we are not familiar with. And then of course we look over the garden fence to see what the neighbour is using, sometimes that is called keeping up with the Jones’s; other times it is purely the thought, ‘well if it is good enough for them it is good enough for us!’

There is no doubt, whatever we purchase and whatever we pay for it we like to think we have made the right decision and we have got the best deal and it gives us great pleasure in telling our nearest and dearest plus our friends what a great decision we made and they should try out our purchase and go and buy one for themselves. The post purchase comfort for us comes from those people telling us what a great ‘thing’ it is and exclaiming ‘we must have one of these’.

Many a time I have been in a ‘Superstore’ and studied how people make their buying decisions, many think they know what they want and probably pick the totally wrong product for the job in hand; and of course it is always the products fault if it is not fit for purpose; some rely purely on brand trust and others may read what it says on the box hoping it will do what it says on the box when they arrive home to use it. In all cases none of them looked for or could find a suitable assistant or advisor.

Studying what could be the right product can take up a lot of precious time and even then, if us consumers are not educated in the feature benefits and capabilities of the product required for our needs it can be a total minefield of too much choice, too many differentials and expensive wrong decisions can be made due to a loss of patience and the hope we are doing the right thing.

Back to trust! Whatever we think about specialists and the cost of doing business with them, there is no question they can guide us in the right direction for the product that is most suitable for us even if it is not the brand or model we had expected to be correct for our needs. And, do you know what, getting specialist advice does not have to mean we are paying over the odds because it is highly likely that if we take their advice the product we end up with will last a long time and cost a lot less in the long run due to its durability and longevity plus there is the security of an educated back up service always at hand.

Good specialists receive lots of third party recommendations because ‘we purchasers’ pride ourselves in making the right decision and we like passing on the name/s of those experts who pointed us in the right direction; it’s a sort of loyalty thing!

No matter how much a retailer advertises they always gain most from word of mouth recommendation!! Let’s support our local specialists and keep alive the benefits of listening to our friends and relatives when they ‘wax lyrical’ about the purchase they made just down the road.

It’s good to talk!

Mr Greengrass

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