Gardening Jobs for March

A small selection of jobs for you to do this month

1. Begin weeding, if you start now it’ll be easier to keep them under control!

2. Prepare your beds for the up-coming season by digging in a layer of compost or well rotted manure

3. Begin chitting seed potatoes. Later on in the month you can plant the early potatoes

4. Plant onion sets and shallots provided the ground isn’t waterlogged or frozen…

5. Sow seeds such as carrots, parsnips, broad beans, beetroot, radishes and lettuces after warming the soil using a cloche or fleece

6. Plant summer-flowering bulbs

7. Prune roses

8. Keep an eye out for slugs and snails as it gets milder and use your preferred method of control

9. Open the conservatory and greenhouse vents and doors on warm days

10. Start mowing the lawn if the weather allows but ensure the cutting levels are set higher than usual

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