Concept pedal mower design revealed, what do you think?

Have you seen this latest invention for those who might want to combine some exercise with cutting the grass? A pedal-powered lawn mower is now out there! Let’s take a look, shall we?

A close up of some uncut grass about to be trimmed with a new ride on mower for sale from Hayes Garden Machinery.

This design of engineless ride-on mower, unlike our new ride on lawn mowers for sale at Hayes which come equipped with engines, combines a tricycle with a cylinder grass cutting blade system fixed to the front to provide an eco-alternative to the regular mowers we have been accustomed to using.

Affectionately named the Grazor, it comes complete with five gears so that you can find an easier gear when pedalling up and down various gradients.

Made from carbon fibre, the concept lawn mower features large off-road wheels designed to grip any slippery surfaces you might come up against, and there are even some handles to help users steer the vehicle. You get all this for a cool £3,000 price tag.

The user’s pedalling efforts not only power the mower’s front wheels, it additionally rotates a cylinder of blades in front of the machine.

For moving the Grazor around when you’re not looking to cut grass or when you don’t want to cut, the cylinder system with the blades is capable of being raised up and locked in position. The blades can also be moved either to the left, right and side of the mower so that the user can cut right to the edge of their garden, leaving no stray straggly bits.

It’s worth noting that this certainly isn’t for everyone given that this particular lawnmower fails to collect the cuttings at the same time. Currently, the existing design does not feature any kind of grass box, meaning the user will then have set about raking up the cuttings themselves.

The Grazor is the brain child of London-based design agency Seymourpowell.

Dick Powell, director at Seymourpowell, said: ‘I think it would appeal to those who genuinely enjoy exercise, a nice lawn and who care for the environment.’

‘Drive from the pedals is transferred via a chain to a five-speed gearbox.

From there, again via a chain, it goes to a small differential of the kind found on rickshaws.

To the user, it is all very simple.’

‘It would be an expensive product which, in itself, would limit its market in much the same way as a super high-end bicycle has a limited market.’

Mr Powell said the company had designed the pedal-powered lawn mower in the hope that a manufacturer or garden firms would want to put it into production.

What do you think? Personally I think we’ll stick to the second hand lawn tractors for sale with engines, but it’s good to see people thinking a little differently. You never know, this could be pretty cool with an engine attached to it!


Image: Robin Stott under Creative Commons Licence.

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