8 log splitter safety tips for the beginner

A log splitter, just like any other garden machinery or power tool can very swiftly turn into a health and safety hazard if you aren’t using it properly. By sticking with our 8 safety tips, you can ensure you’re using your log splitting machine in the safest and most efficient way you possibly can.

A wood splitter in a field after being serviced by Hayes Garden Machinery

1. Protective clothing

On every occasion that you are using a log splitter, you should ensure that you are wearing the correct clothing. This should include substantial footwear, steel toed boots are preferable, safety goggles and gloves, which are a vital part of your protective clothing too. Ideally, remove any jewellery, and try to avoid sporting any loose clothing as this could get snagged in the machine and cause serious injury.


2. Stay alert and don’t become distracted

This should go without saying, but you need to put 100% of your attention on the task in hand. Don’t ever attempt to load a new log into the machine before the pusher has reached a complete stop. Furthermore, it’s essential to keep your hands, feet, hair and any loose clothing away from the moving parts of the splitter in order to prevent them getting caught.


3. Switch off the splitter prior to transporting
Should you ever need to change where the splitter has been positioned, whether you’re letting a friend borrow it, or you’re taking it out into the woods somewhere, it is essential you double-check it has been turned off. It’s also not a bad idea to take the spark plug out to prevent accidental starting as well.


4. Children and pets don’t mix with heavy machinery

If you have children, pets or both, they should be as far away as possible whenever you’ve fired up the splitter to avoid accident or injury. It might seem exciting to them but never allow your kids to turn the machine on. That goes for teenagers too. You might sound like a killjoy but proper training is required before allowing them to operate the machine.


5. Work in a tidy area that is well lit
The area where you intend to use the splitter has to be well illuminated in order for you to be able to see what’s going on. You also need to ensure that the area is kept tidy by removing debris as you go. This will reduce the risk of an accident occurring.


6. Check fittings regularly
While you are working with the splitter, it’s important to check your machine regularly so that you are making sure its nuts, bolts, screws and other fittings are remaining secure. Should you notice any becoming loose due to the vibrations of the machine, proceed in tightening them before go any further with you work.


7. Get your splitter serviced regularly

It’s essential to get your machine serviced regularly to avoid serious injury and efficient splitting of your logs. Here at Hayes Garden Machinery we offer garden machinery repairs, North Devon that you can feel satisfied with. Give us a call to book your service today!


8. Inspect every log prior to loading into the machine
This may sound like a time-consuming exercise, but it is a significant thing to closely inspect each log before you start splitting it. By doing this it will allow you to remove any nails or other foreign objects you might not have spotted as they can damage your log splitter, and you if they ricochet out of the machine, as well as to ensure that any branches have been cut flush with the trunk.

Image: Russ under Creative Commons.

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