Robotic Mowers

Never Mow your lawn ever again!

Mowing the lawn is like Marmite “you either love it or hate it” if it is the latter then perhaps a robotic mowing system is what you need? You have come to the right place as here at Hayes Garden Machinery in North Devon we have everything you need to set yourself up with a robotic mowing system.

Although we have access to 6 different brands of Robotic Mower our preference is the Husqvarna range of Auto Mowers. Why? For one they are the worldwide market leaders, they have the largest range available to choose from and they have been doing it for longer than everyone else on the market! So, its a no brainer when supplying a robotic system for us.

We have a demo Auto Mower set up in our display garden, so if you would like to come and view a robotic mower in action then please come and see it for yourself at our South Molton branch.  We have many happy customers who have purchased Auto Mowers from us, if you would like any recommendations I’m sure they would be very happy to discuss the improvements and benefits that they have found since installing a robotic system.

We offer a full installation service of all robotic mowers, although every garden is different we are very happy to visit you and quote for the installation alternatively you can install yourself, Husqvarna have many very informative tutorials which will aid you and for peace of mind you will always have us to help if required.

Since we installed our own Auto-Mower the benefits have been endless;

  1. More spare time
  2. No grass clippings
  3. A carpet-like lawn
  4. The grass is always cut
  5. You don’t get grass all over your feet
  6. No ghastly piles of grass in the corner
  7. Its a great party piece, friends and relatives think its great
  8. No petrol fumes
  9. No trips to the garage to get petrol
  10. Very quiet
  11. It cuts at night when everyone is asleep
  12. No oil to change