Husqvarna auto mower, North Devon

Robots for sale in North Devon

They’re getting everywhere, automated machines that is! None more so than Robotic lawnmowers. The best without a doubt come from Sweden; Husqvarna to be precise where the development of these amazing machines has been going on for over 20 years. MORE

North Devon lawn mowers

Gardening Jobs for March

A small selection of jobs for you to do this month 1. Begin weeding, if you start now it’ll be easier to keep them under control! 2. Prepare your beds for the up-coming season by digging in a layer of compost or well rotted manure MORE

A fine example of the Bagot goat enjoying grazing on some tasty grass

Special breed of goats shipped in to do the gardening at Shugborough Estate

The Shugborough Estate located near Stafford has decided to call in a rather unusual source of support in order to assist with their upkeep of one of the most important and renowned features on its prestigious estate. MORE

A small pair of hands tending to a small plant in the garden near Hayes GM

10 fascinating garden facts for kids!

There are many who have to share their garden space, using it as a facility for their children to play, as well as for growing trees, flowers, shrubs, and vegetables, among other plants. So it is important, if you want your garden-loving legacy to continue through the generations, to get your children to learn about […] MORE

A beautiful image of some pretty flowers in a garden near Hayes Garden Machinery, North Devon

BBC Gardeners’ World Live announce host of new awards for next year’s event

The forthcoming BBC Gardeners’ World Live is set to get even more exciting with the news of a brand-new awards system, with the target to grace floral exhibitors with improved recognition for the displays they have worked so tirelessly on. MORE

A Honda compact lawn mower similar to those sold at Hayes Garden Machinery

Part 1: A guide to which ride-on mower is the one for you

We often get asked for advice on which ride-on mower is the best for an individual’s garden, so we thought that we would put together a 3 part guide for you to gain some essential tips and advice to help you make the correct decision on what’s best for your needs. MORE

A greens man on a ride-on mower tending to a golf course near Hayes Garden Machinery

Ride-on mowers and golf buggies could require compulsory insurance after recent ruling

At present a vehicle only requires insurance, by law in the UK, if you’re intending to drive them in a public place, or on the roads. However, since the European Court of Justice has ruled that the scope of an EU insurance law dating back to 1972 should be revised and extended to make it […] MORE


Woodland Trust launches plan to map out 280 million UK trees to raise awareness of dangers from disease

As many as 280 million trees are being mapped out so that the Woodland Trust can successfully chart how plant diseases could eventually remodel our landscape and put native wildlife at impending risk. MORE


Gardener’s World Live Organisers aiming for emphasis on plant sales this year

Gardeners World Live (GWL) has revealed new plans to establish themselves as the “biggest plant-selling show” in the entire United Kingdom. MORE


National Allotments Week kicks off next week, can you ‘dig it?’`

National Allotments Week begins next Monday, running from August 10th to Sunday 16th this year. MORE